Geloi WetLand

Geloi is a migration route and forms a sort of bottleneck through which the birds move along the Gela and Maroglio rivers.

This migration route is internationally known and represents the third way of migration of Sicily, in which an average of 60,000 birds pass through in spring belonging to 127 different species!

In Geloi there are some natural wetlands and marshes that become a fundamental stopping point for migratory birds, who find shelter, rest and food for other animals. 

Project in collaboration with
Stiftung Pro Artenvielfalt

Our goal is to save biodiversity in Sicily and to give a safe place for stopping birds traveling from Africa to the Mediterranean and nesting in Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria and northern countries. It is also important to eliminate all threats that do not allow nature to recover and to cooperate with the local workers in order to create new agricultural models in the Gela Plain.

We kindly ask for help to raise funds: friends, colleagues, family members can make a small contribution that is essential for us. With a small donation, you can contribute to the protection of nature.

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